A matter of interpretation

BTW, did you notice the pigeon?! 😆 😉




I am here again with my “couple and statue and planes and passer-by and pigeon picture” 😉 to talk about interpretation as for photo editing. Indeed, the rendering of the picture I showed you previously is not the only one possible, of course.


And, as usual, the questions to ask oneself during editing (for the contrast issue) are :
Which areas need texture and details, in your picture?
Which mood do you want, for your photo?

Let’s look at some variations for this image. It’s interesting to notice how a different edit can bring a new impact and a new mood to the picture.




I was surprised, looking again at the raw file (first pic), to realize that the sky doesn’t seem to show any detail and looks plain blue-grey. I could have underexposed the file during the shooting but I didn’t really had time to think about that with all these subjects in front of my eyes. 😉

For me, a B&W rendering was an obvious choice. I straightened the picture to adjust the perspective (second pic) and then, the fun began!
I was going to think about the contrast enhancing.

The first option, showed here (third picture), is a to apply simple and balanced contrast : more white, more black, for an image less dull, less grey.
Much better, already, isn’t it?!


However, I am pretty sure that I didn’t spend much time on this and, as soon as I realized I could enjoy a great cloudy sky, I looked for another mood, darker and stronger.

In my opinion, the picture has a better impact with some texture is the sky, because :
– It is not flat anymore. The texture brings it to life ;
– It makes it clearer that it is not a photomontage (on a white background, the photo is less credible) ;
– The atmosphere is more interesting, more mysterious.




Here, I have the choice (usual choice for a backlit scene) between :
Trying to darken the sky while keeping some light on the subjects at the same time (detail everywhere). A though edit but possible.
Turn the subject into silhouettes, if they are readable enough with just the outline. This edit is simpler and often a better choice in my opinion, because of the stronger impact of the black silhouettes.

As you already know, I chose the last option, with a stormy sky and mysterious silhouettes on top of it. BTW, I however kept a little bit of detail on the couple.
I like the strong visual impact of this version and its mysterious mood.


At last, the question I would like to ask is :

If the picture were yours, which edit do you think you would have applied?! The question is NOT “now that you saw these variations, which is your favorite” but “which edit would you have tried and chosen, alone in front of your computer”? 😉

Do you think it would have been the good edit for this picture, or another one?

Which are your habits for photo editing? Details everywhere and classic rendering? Mysterious moods and eccentric edits?

And finally…
Are you ready for creative edits in 2015?!
It is important to remind that a “creative edit” is not necessarily and ugly fiddling of a picture ! 😆 😉

Happy new year again! 😀



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