Abstraction… Or illusion?!…

Yesterday night, I found an unexpected subject to shoot…

Disclaimer : Please note that some of these abstract pictures can hurt some people feelings, depending on their imagination.   😉


I was wandering and, suddenly, I saw something and just thought : Oh, it’s pretty! It’s really interesting!…

Yet, it was not really “something”. It was only some shapes and light.
So I decided to do an abstract shooting.




Don”t you think it’s pretty?… These shapes, the feeling of depth…
It makes me think about pictures realized with a scanning electron microscope. But it’s only macrophotography shot with my close-up filters of course. 🙂


Do you like abstraction?

Have you sometimes the idea to produces surprising pictures like that or else :
– you like it but you don’t think of it or don’t find the subject to try it ?
– you are not interested at all and think that a photo have to depict a subject to be interesting ?




The funny thing with abstraction is… You believe that you are photographying nothing else than shapes and colors and suddenly, you are feeling weird…




You have the impression that someone is there, hiding in the corner of your mind, or of the room…




You are wondering if someone is watching you.

Damn! 😯




Isn’t it stunning?! 😀

Do you think it’s fun?! or creepy?!
Or that I am mad?! 🙂




Each picture of the article comes with a letter.

Please share with us the story you associate with some of these photos!




I am looking forward to read your ideas and see if your minds work like mine. 😉




If you are interested to know what the subject is, I will share the answer this week end, with a descriptive photo.

I know that some people prefer not to know to “keep the magic feeling” so feel free not to read the comments next monday if you want to keep the dream untouched. 🙂


Happy and imaginative week end! 😉

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  • Anne-Laure Jacquart

    Here is my subject! 😆

    A sort of pouch with a viscous substance, that you can put in the microwave to warm a part of your exhausted body. 🙂


    The thing


    In a normal light, the subject is disgusting 😉 but with a backlighting (in front of my iPad 😉 ) the texture reveals oneself!

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