After Ronsard…

Pierre de Ronsard is a French poet of the 16th century who wrote several really known poems, included one saying “Live now, believe me wait not till tomorrow; gather the roses of life today”.

This is not a rose, it’s a leptospermum flower, from my garden, but I think this is my rose for today.
This is the rose I want to pick right now to enjoy life and Photography, following Ronsard advice. 🙂




A few informations about this photo:

Focal length : 45mm (-> 90mm)
Close-up filters used (+3 and +4 dioptries).
Aperture : f/2
Really close shooting. I played with the leaves and stems in the foreground to create a blurry fuzzy look.

Diagonal composition with the main subject, the pink flower, shifted to upper right of the frame (not following the rule of third, I like really off the center compositions. 😉 ).
The clearly defined leave, in the lower left of the picture, balance the flower to bring harmony.

I chose a blue-green editing to evoke winter and to give a stronger impact to the pink subject.


Do you like it?! 🙂

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