A is for Arachne… or Alien.

With the Salon de la Photo approaching, I admit that I can’t spend a lot of time on the website updates. It is difficult for me, these days, to write real article about photography.
I hope that you appreciate, though, the pictures I share with you. I like too, to share my photographical work, simply like that. 🙂


I showed you previously some rather abstract pictures of this stunning rainbow spider web


Today, I would like to share with you two other photos showing the queen with eight legs on its master piece.
With the animal here, the pictures are less abstract, more concrete, but without for all that becoming documentary or informative. 🙂

I really like that the dreaminess remains, even with the spider included in the picture! 😀




And even more…

Don’t you have, like me, a science fiction vision, looking at this picture?! 😮
This creature under a strange beam of light, on a round platform… What else could it be than an alien, ready to return to its own planet?! 😀


What I love the most with photography is, just shooting real mundane things of our surroundings, showing the beauty of our world in a new way, and evoking dreams, ideas and stories… for a better world ! 😀




Well, dream or realty?! 😉

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