Begijnhof (the hollyhock)

In the “simple but enjoyable” pictures category, I would like to share with you this photo taken in a beguine convent, in Gent (Belgium).
By the way, “Begijnhof” is the Dutch (or Fleming) word for “beguine convent”.


First, I liked this lonely hollyhook growing between the cobblestones and the wall, in this very neat scenery. It was an ounce of nature, but not too wild, in a tidy place.

I decided to compose in a centered manner and, when the woman came, I thought her presence could be perfect to balance my composition! 🙂

The red wall and cobblestone ground frame the composition, around a white background enhancing the presence of my subjects.





But… 🙄

Just to try, I just cropped the picture in a squared format.

And now, I fear that I can’t bear anymore the blank space behind the woman!… What do you think?
I am not sure but the horizontal picture seems a bit empty to me, now, whereas the squared frame looks a bit tight…

As I show you a bigger version of the squared photo, it can affect your opinion…
But this one looks more dynamic, isn’t it, because of the non-centered composition? …even if usually, the squared format ISN’T a dynamic framing?




Apart from this format issue, do you like this Belgian atmosphere? 🙂

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