Belgian atmosphere

There is a song from the amazing Jacques Brel, that says :

“I was loving you so much, between the Gent and Brugge towers”

I kept singing it during my short stay in Gent, a few days ago. 😉 (Youtube video at the end of the post).


That’s true that the Belgian really are towers champions!
Only in Gent, you could just sing “between the Gent and Gent towers”!! 😆




I like this picture composition with all the element gathered together : the impressive buildings in the background, the boat on the river, the passer-by walking on the embankment and, of course, the lovers in the foreground with such a tender look in the woman eyes. 🙂

It seems the perfect scenery for the Brel song, don’t you think?!
Here is the song, if you want to listen it. Jacques Brel sings in French and in Flemish.



Have a good day!

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