Best wishes of a good weather, or of a rainbowy umbrella! ;)

I could wish you an eternal sunlight but it would be illusionary, unrealistic…
Perhaps I prefer being more realistic than optimist this year?! 😉

Thus, I rather want to wish you a great journey, even with the windy and the rainy days.


Best wishes!

For this new year, I wish you a lovely colorful raincoat and an amazing rainbowy umbrella. 😆



Please click on this small thumbnail to enlarge the photo and enjoy it!


It is proved that happiness doesn’t comme from external conditions but from the way we react to it…
So, I wish you to embrace life with your camera or any other tool that can help you to enhance it and to enjoy it NOW without waiting for a rear wind. 😉


Health, serenity, enthusiasm, creativity !!
Happy new year to you.


For me, 2016 may be the year of creative pan shots! (This one is pretty conventionnal but you havn’t see the others yet! 😛 )
Stay tuned for articles about how to be more creative with this “postcards technique”.

Best wishes again,

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