Book creating: getting an idea!

These weeks, I am going to share with you the “how to” of my books about photography.
Do you want to peek behind the scenes?!


I don’t know how other artists, authors, editors work so it is only my own way to create and my way to work with my editor. I hope you will find it interesting!

Here is what goes on behind the scenes of your future favorite photobooks !!! 😉 Welcome ! 😀




Fist step : the idea.
Euréka ! A photo editing book!

I am used to write my ideas as soon as they arrive, in the software Evernote. Then, in august 2010, the 5th, I noted the idea to create a book about image editing.
However, such a vague theme is not really an idea, for me. Ideas to make a book about shooting, image editing, black and white pictures… are too easy, too imprecise !…


Main line and interpretation of the theme.
Yes but which photo editing book?!

In my opinion, the idea doesn’t exist without a main line, an interpretation of the theme.
Exactly like for photo creation!

For me, a photo idea doesn’t exist through the subject choice (shooting this Dalmatian) but only because of the thread I decide to follow to enhance it (graphical picture including the Dalmatian’s spots and the bar lines of a gate, behind it).



So, having the idea to write a book about photo editing was too commonplace. I wrote this project idea because I began to envision the book features that could make it different, and interesting for my readers. 🙂



Idea characterization.
My photo editing book project.

Then, here is the way I characterized my idea.


I wanted a book about image editing…

My initial idea was to offer a book about photo editing even in the simplest softwares. Indeed, I am firmly convinced that a few edits can tremendously transform a picture, in Picasa, Pic Monkey, Raw Therapee or Lightroom! Then, “Retouchez vos photos pas à pas” would go shamelessly from Pic Monkey to Photoshop.


[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”]EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND FOLLOW, FOR SOMEWHAT FAST EDITS
As usual, I wanted to offer an understandable book where jargon would not run over the pleasure of picture creating.
I wanted to tell you so much about photo editing but in a simple way, to allow you to enjoy post-processing without spending too much time having a hard time in front of your computer!…
Besides, this much-touted 5th of august, I wrote this fun slogan : “Reveal your picture within 30 seconds with the software you already have”. 🙂 30 seconds were perhaps a little bit optimistic, but 2 or 3 minutes are totally conceivable, after a while to learn… unless you want to spend a little more time, of course! 😉


[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”]CROSS-TECHNICAL
I didn’t want a book dedicated to only one software, like a big “Photoshop how to” or something like that. I would like my book to cross various softwares.


[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”]DEDICATED, AS USUAL, TO IMAGE CREATION
Finally, as you imagine, move some cursors is, for me, like operating wheel ajusts on the camera… It is not an end! With this book, I want, too, to guide you through image creation, to open your mind and help you to discover how your pictures could be with a good post-processing!

Then, it is not only a book about photo editing, it’s a book about light, contrast, color, and image rendering.
What a challenge!!



And you?!

I urge you, for your own projets, to be precise with you ideas, even if they could evolve! Don’t put up with vague ideas, meanless in a few months!
Imagine how the things could be, how the content would look like, which could be its features and specificities, and what will make your projet different from all others! 😀


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