Book creating: Structure and table of contents

Then, we found a genius idea (read this previous article!). What else ?!

After this first step, you need to precise things and, for example, write the contents list of the book.
What is at stakes ? Organize, of course! 😉

NB : Sorry for the pictures and captures in French…


A book is divided into chapters. Each chapter id divided into double-spreads…
And, later, we will have to divide each double-spread into paragraphs, and so on !!

There are 2 options :
– find chapters titles and divide each chapter into double-spreads
– write double-spread ideas and gather it into chapters. 🙂




Which reasoning? And which criteria?

An important thing you need to do, too, is finding the book structure criterion.

For example, if you want to write a book or an article named “Eating healthier IS possible!”, 🙂 will you organize your content depending on
– the meal (chapters about breakfast, lunch, snack, diner…)
– the couple sweet/salty (chapters about salty dishes and then about sweet ones)
– the kind of food (chapters about carbohydrates, lipids, proteins an so on…)
– a reflexion about the theme (chapters “What we eat nowadays”, “How many calories but above all which calories?”, “New habits”, “Meals ideas” etc.
And there are so other options !…


This way to organize thoughts is useful at each step of content splitting. The criterion you didn’t use for chapters can be a great idea to divide a double-spead or create a bulleted list in a paragraph!


In my upcoming book about photo editing, I decided to split the content into big parts, depending of the type of edits : general ideas about editing (orange color in the document), contrast edits (blue color in the document) , and then colors edit (pink color in the document), and finally graphic edits (green color in the document).

In a big part, my approach is also split into chunks : looking at a picture, study which tools we can use to improve it, make simple edits to understand how it works and, at last, apply complex edits really useful for our photographs.




A table of contents appropriate with the book pages number

When you write an article for internet, the size is not important.
But for a book, an article, the is a number of lines or pages to follow.

How many pages are in a book? How many themes are then needed to split my content?

For “Retouchez vos photo pas à pas”, I changed my mind writing the book and we decided to add 30 pages to be able to share all the content I wanted to talk about. 🙂



Put the content in order

There is also a need to put in order ideas and themes.

Sometimes, ideas seem to link together and the order is obvious.
But, other times, it is really important to think about the order within the content.


In my book, for example, I moved some pages from the first chapter toward the third one to improve the content.

To find the better order, begin with the simplest ideas for the reader. Think about themes you want to talk about later and how they need to be introduced. Follow the logical link between ideas. 🙂




And you?!

It is not really easy to organize our ideas, above all for such a big project.

Then, train yourself with smaller projects : a little article, a list of groceries, holiday activities or photo ideas, or a comment on a blog !
To organize is always a good way to be understood. Even if you are your only own reader, organizing your ideas will never be a loss of time ! 🙂

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