Cars Colors !

Among the quirky subjects I like to shoot, there are… the colorful car bodies! 😛



Here are some recent pictures I shot of this subject.
You may notice that I am especially drawn by the red and warm hues! 😉


I am used to follow two main approaches to shot colorful cars.



CouleursVoitureVoletFirstly, a tight framing, like on the previous photos, allows you to create some gorgeous abstract pictures.

Get rid of the surroundings and cut in the color to compose your pics!
The lines of the car doors and headlights and the manufacturer logo are really useful…
I like to use, too, the circles of the wheels, hubcaps and fuel trapdoors to create my compositions. 😉

If it seems difficult to compose with the rectangular frame, think of the square format!


Then, a bit trickier but really cool, try also some wide views including the car, especially if you seem to be able to bring it together with another colorful subject.

Be careful to let outside the frame all the messy things we can find in town.

Frame tight to keep only the good parts! 😀




Aren’t these couples of colors attractive?!

Wait, I have some others pics with red and blue to show you! 😉 What do you think of these new ones?! 😉






I particularly like the “negative effect” between the two pictures, with the red on the headlight and then on the car body, and with the blue to tie the two together… 😀

One picture like that may often seem simplistic but, with good compositions and, above all, great combinations, they can be really amazing! 😛



I feel that all these patriotic hues are a bit too much isn’t it?!…

What do you think of a visuel hymn to Italy to refresh your pupils?! 😛







So, are you inspired?! 😛


Colorful cars are a sujet easy to find, in any season, so think of it! 😆

If you like these kind of subjects, seek the reflections in the cars too, especially with the darker ones! 😀


Have a good week!

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