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Swamp “paintings” :)

I am sorry I couldn’t translate my last articles. So much things to do!! (But I will announce a really exciting news for you soon!!! 😀 😉 ) Feel free to visit the French website too, to enjoy my pics, when you don’t see much articles here… 🙂   These days, I am really inspired

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The three pets ;)

To keep going during the “holidays” (even if not for me ! 😉 ), I would like to share with you this cute pic. 🙂 It seems that I might start a little portfolio about dogs in cars !! 😛   Random word, as usual… Tan Happy to see me! Contrast The three pets Wide

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The windows of memories

Here is the other “from the back” picture from last week I wanted to show you. I shot it the same day as the other one but the atmosphere is pretty different!   Here, the sunlight and the reflection give a lot more contrast to the scene. Plus, the scenery in not shown the normal

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The despot

Here is a quite humorous picture (on a grayish sky background) to cheer you up if you have, like us in France, a sad grey strange weather.     Humor is not always easy for Photography so, when the situation seems to be adequate, let’s have drive!   In my opinion, there are many things

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