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I love the poetry I can see and read in this simple scenery… 🙂 In French, we can say “Prendre la plume” which means “To take the feather” in order to say “writing”, because a nib, a quill is called a feather.     That’s fun to imagine another realty, looking at this picture of Read More

A is for Arachne… or Alien.

With the Salon de la Photo approaching, I admit that I can’t spend a lot of time on the website updates. It is difficult for me, these days, to write real article about photography. I hope that you appreciate, though, the pictures I share with you. I like too, to share my photographical work, simply Read More


A scarf that pills. Blending views. f/1.8. Blurry thoughts. Hound’s-tooth cloth.     In Europe. Waiting. 90 mm. Pepper and salt. Through a window. Tilting head. At the bus stop. Soft shades. Passing of time.   As usual, feel free to add your own thought about this picture with a few words, a sentence, a Read More

Belgian atmosphere

There is a song from the amazing Jacques Brel, that says : “I was loving you so much, between the Gent and Brugge towers” I kept singing it during my short stay in Gent, a few days ago. 😉 (Youtube video at the end of the post).   That’s true that the Belgian really are Read More

Daydreaming along the canal

These days, I need simplicity, and authenticity. So, I decided to share with you this picture of a mundane subject, pretty but so simple! Let’s just enjoy the mood, the daydreaming, the texture and the colors. 🙂 To go with it, here are only a few evocative words. Feel free to add yours if you Read More

Apprentice Mary Poppins

A great amount of poetry, in life, is always important but, with these a bit sad end of summer and rainy weather (at least in France…), it is even more indispensable! Luckily, I am back!! 😆 😉 So, I am happy to offer you this lovely photographic cocktail [poetry + rain]. 🙂     Doesn’t Read More


To cool you during summer days, I want to share these underwater pictures. 🙂 Chiaroscuro, beams of light, water textures, mysterious sea creatures… I really like theses atmospheres, between dream and reality! These are wide angle photos, taken at 14 -> 28 mm.       Of course, these pictures were took in a museum Read More

Family photos :)

Doing family portraits has always been a little problem for me. I always fear to produce only very reportage pictures : boring views with busy backgrounds, and passport photos… 🙄       Shooting our friends and family is a little bit easier when there are childs as subjects, but creating gorgeous family pictures with Read More


Animals and pets are wonderful, attractive and common subjects. However, it’s not always easy to enjoy their potential within strong, esthetic and original pictures. I hope these photos will inspire you! I played with angles, “shooting through” and blur to give depth (in every sense of the word) to my photos. Black and white rendering Read More

May :)

  Do you say that in english too, “In May, do what you want !” ?! As I can’t leave my two sweaters and my umbrella during this spring, I decided to do what I want with photography. 😉 This time, I used photography to share a creative idea, but not especially a photographic one. Read More

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