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Seaside compositions

Shooting the ocean is not always easy. Our pictures can easily seem empty or only made of boring horizontal layers!… In my opinion, a good trick is finding some graphical elements to anchor the composition. Various lines (vertical, oblique, curve…) can come with the horizon and other horizontal lines to enhance the picture. In this Read More

Natural yin yang

I shot many pics during the last days and, to be honest, I didn’t even have time to look at all of it for now. Though, I kept in my mind this picture of a hawrthorn tree in full bloom and I thought I should show it to you. 🙂   Once again, this photo Read More

In the air… :)

Just some multiple photo layouts – singles, diptychs, triptychs or quadriptychs – speaking for themselves. 🙂                                                       Happy easter to you all! 😀         Read More

10 ways to find inspiration and stay inspired

I am a bit shy to share with you that I was less inspired for photographic creation during the last months… I knew the reasons and wasn’t really worried, as I was sure that inspiration would soon come again. 🙂 But I have created so much pictures during the last years that I started to Read More

The Icarus dream (The solar eclipse)

So much ongoing projects and things to do… Once again, I didn’t realized how late it is this week! Thus, to make to you wait until my article about inspiration and my upcoming video, here are a few pictures during the solar eclipse, taken this morning. 🙂         What a dreamy mood Read More

“Pleeeaaase! Let me driiiive!!!” ;)

This week, the grey and sad weather had a bad impact on my inspiration and photographical creating… Where is the light of last week?!! 🙁 (At least, I chose the good week to shoot my video about depth of fields blur!! 😉 ) I thought I would have nothing to show you for this week Read More

The Mystery of Marie Rogêt…

As a close to the week, I invite you in a mysterious photographic thriller…     Do you like it?! 😀 Obviously, it is not a digital fake but a reflection in a shop window. 🙂   See you soon! Read More

Ripples of color

Recently, at the funfair, I followed two different photographic approaches. I already showed you the first one : a classic approach using light, colors and blur to create great pictures of people at the carnival, fighting against the winter cold, buying treats, spending a good time with the family… The second approach is more about Read More

The magic of the funfair

I have always liked electric lights. I love the contrast between a strong light in the night, and the darkness that remains a few feet away…   However, I admit that I have often been disappointed when I forced myself (I am soooo a cocooning person !! 😆 ) to go out in the cold Read More

Shooting in the fog

  A great shooting opportunity during winter Fog is a really good occasion to, I could almost say “easily”, create great pictures during winter. These soft fuzzy glommy atmospheres will invite you in a sort of mysterious movie or thriller!!         Faded pictures with a soften contrast At the first look, the Read More

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