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Inspired by Saul Leiter : frame in a frame effects, indoor/outdoor.

This week, I am sharing with you some pictures of mine, with a little bit of Saul Leiter style, and am offering some tips to follow his lead. Feel free to view first the article with his own impressive pictures, if you want to.     Frame in a frame effects, indoor/outdoor. First, Saul Leiter’s Read More

Inspiration : Saul Leiter work.

Please excuse me for my english. I hope you will appreciate to read me, even if my english is far from perfect… A few days ago, sadly, the great photographer Saul Leiter left us alone with his wonderful pictures. Saul Leiter has been a real pioneer of color, when all the photographers were shooting black Read More

An English translation for my non-french readers :)

I was wondering… what if I added some english explanations to my articles?!… Could it be better for some of my readers? What is your point? 🙂 Perhaps, some of you, not really at ease with french, may be interested to understand better what I mean when I am commenting my pics or talking about Read More

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