Christmas gestures…

This year, I didn’t have time, yet, for festive pictures.
But I intend to catch up during Christmas of course! 😉

I was thrilled, however, to explore my photo bank, looking at Christmas photos from the past years, in order to share some of them with you!


I decided, for this article, to target the pictures on the human side of the celebration.

Gathering the family, taking time with the people we love, talking talking talking and smiling, and talking again, and giving a hand… aren’t they the most important things during Christmas?


Here are some black and white atmospheres taken 2 years ago.

Some are characteristic of Christmas while others could have been taken during any time of the year. You will see details, gestures, a few blurry things, some gifts or objects, books or magazines… and portraits too, for these needed looks, and smiles. 🙂













Following my diptychs and multiple photo layouts article, I am sure you will be able to spot some parallels betweens the pictures I am sharing with you (and not only those I putted side by side, by the way)! 😉

Because, as another Anne-Laure told in my previous article comments, working with diptychs is inspiring and is a good exercice in order to learn to create photographic portfolios. 🙂


















I chose to share these pictures a few day in advance, as I hope they might inspire you to catch some human interactions during Christmas and New Year holidays. 🙂

I wish a really really wonderful Christmas time to you!!







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