Take part in the ALJPHOTO collaborative project!

I had the idea in my mind since so many months… or years?!

The idea is : to create an interaction between my followers, my readers, a place where we could chat together about photo, make progress together, share our photos and so many other things! Wouldn’t it be wonderful?! 🙂

I always let this idea down, thinking I would spend too much time managing it (for example, having a forum is a lot of work!) but, when a reader told me, last week, “it would be even more exciting if we could work on your book exercices within a group, together”, I suddenly thought that the hashtags we can use now on the web could be a wonderful way to share together without having a structure to manage!


The ALJPHOTO collaboratif project

I am proud to introduce, today, the ALJPHOTO project ! 😀
ALJ are my initials and ALJPHOTO means that I hope you will be happy to follow some of my photographic suggestions and to let you inspired by my book and articles.

Here is how the project works :
– Each week, I submit a photographic theme, associated with a hashtag.
This week, it’s “Look for shapes”, with the hashtag #crd11 .
– I hope that it may inspire you to take a picture matching the theme.
– Then, share your pic with the theme hashtag (for ex. #crd11 this week) AND the project hashtag #aljphoto .
This way, we can find all the pictures shot as part of the project with #aljphoto and all the photos on a single theme thanks to the hashtag of the week.


Share your photo on Instagram, FlickR, Twitter or wherever you want with the two hashtags!
You can also publish an article with your pictures on your personal blog and then tweet the link with the appropriate hashtag to let us know. 🙂

Facebook is a bit special so I created a Facebook group named the ALJPHOTO group.
Please join the group and share your pictures with the hashtag of the theme, if you want to! 🙂


All the information about it

I created a document to share all the useful things to know about the challenge.
Here it is. Feel free to save it (there are two separated pages) on your computer!






The project pics, in various social medias

Here are the links to look for the pictures of the project :

Click on these links to…

-look for all the pictures from the ALJPHOTO PROJECT, on INSTAGRAM
-look for all the pictures from the THEME of this week, on INSTAGRAM

-look for all the pictures from the ALJPHOTO PROJECT, on FLICKR
-look for all the pictures from the THEME of this week, on FLICKR

-look for all the publications about the ALJPHOTO PROJECT, on TWITTER
-look for all the publication about from the THEME of this week, on TWITTER

If you click on it today, you may not find many pics as the project needs a few days to grow. 🙂



The theme of the week

This week, the theme is “Look for shapes”.
Here is the photo announcement for it, with a reminder of the hashtag : #crd11 !




I am looking forward to see your pictures!! 😀

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