Mary Poppins. Following your cropping proposals. :)

Some french readers asked some information about the framing of my Mary Poppins photo, and made some interesting proposals of cropping.

What a good opportunity to talk about framing and cropping!
I think it is a very interesting subject. 🙂


First, I choose to share this photo with its original framing, horizontal, to keep the use of the horizontal stripes in the foreground, and to include the two little girls in the city, with adults in a hurry all around.
I thought the woman walking could balance the two girls, in the composition.




However, I was thinking to try others framings, as I tried to crop another view of the same scene in a vertical format.


Here are other versions of this picture, following your ideas. 🙂

Joël suggested to crop the photo at a squared format, keeping only 2 passers-by, other than the children.

Cropping in a dark stripe, in the foreground, is a better option, in my opinion, than cropping in a white stripe, so here is the result of this proposal.
I like the diagonal energy between the two young girls, as a subjects, and the two adults, cropped, leaving the scene.

What do you think?




Sébastien, like me, thought the photo could be cropped in a vertical format.
Sure, we loose a lot of pixels, doing this, but it seems to be, however, a good option.


With the arm of the woman, in the original photo, I can’t really choose to crop, leaving space at the right of the picture, to face the direction of the child look (and to follow our western reading direction).

So, I decided to crop it in an almost centered way. It works well with the approximate symmetry created by the two children.
The framing is really dynamic and we are almost able to see the umbrella raising toward the sky… Don’t we?! 🙂




What do you think of these crops?
Which framing do you prefer for this picture?

Feel free to react! 😉

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