Creating meaning with diptychs and other multiple photo layouts

Following my previous article, “Simplification… to what extent ?”, I would like to talk about a really great way to use simple pictures and to give them more impact.

I mean… diptychs and multiple photo layouts, of course!


A minimalist picture.

Do you remember my previous minimalist picture with stones?

Through this article, working with diptychs, my goal is to enhance the impact and the meaning of this photo.




First question : what do you think this picture could evoke?

It is not only rather abstract : it is made of stone, of rectangular shapes, of a texture, of horizontal and vertical lines…
It is a wall.
And this have a meaning. 🙂


Creating diptychs.

I am going to submit, each time, a diptych associating my stones pictures with another (or others) black and white squared picture, and a proposal for a meaning.

To be able to do that, I searched in my image bank a lot of squared black and white pictures with a meaning or a visual feature I find adequate to go with this picture.
Then, I chose the better ones to create these diptychs. The only way to know if two pictures can work together is putting them side by side and to look at the overall composition, thinking of the balance and the meaning.

That was not on purpose but I always put the stones picture to the left of the diptych. For yours, try to swap one for another in order to see if one picture is better to the right of the diptych or to the left.


Diptych and triptych : Building.

First try, at the first level of interpretation.
Walls are needed to build houses.

The idea for this diptych is almost simplistic, but I think it is however really interesting, because of the recalls of the rectangular shapes in the two pictures (stones and windows shapes).
There is a sort of interesting “mise en abyme”. The subject seems a bit fractal! 🙂



Other simple try : stacking, building…

Here is a simple multiple photo layout (triptych) with stacked subjects as a funny recall.



Diptych and quadriptych : Building ourselves.

And now, I mean “building”, but in a more abstract way. Building not only a house but a life!

I decided to create a quadriptych with these 4 pictures showing parts of a home to evoke this idea. The interesting thing is, once again, the rectangular shapes (and the stripes) in all the pictures. These graphical features link the whole together.



And what do you think of “building a personality”? Building an artist self through picture creating. 🙂
Here, I associate the photo of the wall with a selfie (reflection in my computer screen displaying some of my pictures).

There is a parallel between the stones in the wall and the pictures I create that build my artist personality.



Diptych : Vantage points.

Here, another simple idea : stones on the wall, stones on the ground.

I play with two different yet precise angles of view, frontal and high angle shot, to make you feel a bit dizzy. 😉



Diptychs : Captivity and Freedom.

Let’s try a new concept now.

A wall is the symbol of captivity… So here is a “bird in the cage” symbolic.



Yet, opposites are so strong that a confinement symbol can also evoke freedoom… put together with the good picture, of course! 🙂

I created two versions for the freedom idea.
A first one with a strange blurry and dark picture of a white bird flying.
I used a darker edit of the wall picture to create this diptych.

The bird is flying away from the wall and near the edge of the frame, which can mean “escaping”.



The other version has opposite shades. The bird is dark on a white background. The textures are interesting and the bird, again, is flying away from the stones wall.



Quadriptych : Textures.

Last idea, for a quadriptych, here, too.

I am essentially using textures and structures to create recall between the photos.

For me, it evokes different ways of building : built by a man, by an animal, or by nature, with more or less stiffness, and with various fascinating results…



So many expressive choices! I love it!! 😀

Do you have some favorite among these proposals?


Your turn! 😉

Does it give you the idea to create more diptychs or triptychs or quadriptychs and so on, in order to exploit your simple or even minimalist pictures?!


I hope you liked to see, with this article, how numerous are the opportunity to create a diptych with an image, for various visual aspects and various meanings.
So once again, always think about what you want to express with your pictures and find a visuel way to do it!


Have a good week!

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