Inspiration black and white video

Hey, what’s up?! 😀 I am sorry I can’t manage to offer translations of my articles about photography in a regular basis. Frankly, I am not even sure someone would read the English version so if you take a peak here, feel free to say hi! 😉   I am really happy to share with Read More

My book, available IN ENGLISH !!!!!! :D

I am so, so SO happy today to announce that one of my book has been translated in English and is now available for all of you too! 😘 People, in France, say that my approach to photography is really special, way more easy to understand, enjoyable to follow, relaxed and fun that what you Read More

For the summer to last a bit longer… :)



Here are a few pics fun of sun and fresh air…
Hopefully, they will help the summer to stay for a while! 😊



It rocks, isn’t it?! 😃






















Back-lighting in one of my favorite tricks, if possible with this beam creating, due to the overlapping between the subject and the light source!! Read More

Following the Algarve colors thread. Portugal [1]

At the end of March, I had the good luck to be able to visit and enjoy a trip in Algarve, in south Portugal. To say the least, I got my fill of sunshine, grilled fresh fish, colors… and photography, of course! 😀 I, too, spent a really good time painting some watercolors with really Read More

Swamp “paintings” :)

I am sorry I couldn’t translate my last articles. So much things to do!! (But I will announce a really exciting news for you soon!!! 😀 😉 ) Feel free to visit the French website too, to enjoy my pics, when you don’t see much articles here… 🙂   These days, I am really inspired Read More

Best wishes of a good weather, or of a rainbowy umbrella! ;)

I could wish you an eternal sunlight but it would be illusionary, unrealistic… Perhaps I prefer being more realistic than optimist this year?! 😉 Thus, I rather want to wish you a great journey, even with the windy and the rainy days.   Best wishes! For this new year, I wish you a lovely colorful Read More

Holiday lights

    Now that Christmas is somewhat close, I feel that I have to share with you some holiday atmospheres before I could not find time at all anymore!…       The gold rush… 😉         Among the subject that fascinate me this year (and perhaps each year?! 😉 ) : Read More

Teal dreams

I am back from Paris. There, I met a lot of readers at the “Salon de la Photo” and organized some animations for children (and they loooove framing, like us!! 😀 ). By now, I am very tired and all I want is a chair to sprawl (if possible more conformatble than the one on Read More

Cars Colors !

Among the quirky subjects I like to shoot, there are… the colorful car bodies! 😛   Here are some recent pictures I shot of this subject. You may notice that I am especially drawn by the red and warm hues! 😉   I am used to follow two main approaches to shot colorful cars.   Read More

Seasonal inspiration

  I don’t have a favorite season…         What I like so much is that season change… That way, our surroundings are constantly evolving. 😀       The changes of colors, of fragrances, of textures… It always gives us an opportunity to wonder…       I wish you a happy Read More

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