Month: November 2014

Selfie at the museum

First, I noticed there was some glass balustrades in this museum : things could reflect in it and things could be seen through it. Interesting, isn’t it?! 🙂 I noted, too, that the passers-by walking in front of the outdoors windows produced great silhouettes.     I tried various vantage points and finally decided that Read More


When my “color radar” is ON, I can’t stop it anymore! And it becomes so stronger that I am then capable of controlling the reality with my mind. 😆 😉     It is so much fun to go “hunting color” in the city. You can really find incredible matches. 🙂 Read More


I love the poetry I can see and read in this simple scenery… 🙂 In French, we can say “Prendre la plume” which means “To take the feather” in order to say “writing”, because a nib, a quill is called a feather.     That’s fun to imagine another realty, looking at this picture of Read More

Matching colors

It seems that, a few weeks ago, I have activated my “color radar”, even if I didn’t mean to do it! 😆     Thus, as I had shot some very simple pictures with gorgeous colors, I decided to associate it two by two, in order to create fun diptychs. The idea? Put together two Read More

A is for Arachne… or Alien.

With the Salon de la Photo approaching, I admit that I can’t spend a lot of time on the website updates. It is difficult for me, these days, to write real article about photography. I hope that you appreciate, though, the pictures I share with you. I like too, to share my photographical work, simply Read More


A scarf that pills. Blending views. f/1.8. Blurry thoughts. Hound’s-tooth cloth.     In Europe. Waiting. 90 mm. Pepper and salt. Through a window. Tilting head. At the bus stop. Soft shades. Passing of time.   As usual, feel free to add your own thought about this picture with a few words, a sentence, a Read More