Shadow theater

So many stories could be told from this picture… Which is yours?! Will you tell us?! 🙂 First, I decided to edit this photo with its colors, because of the gorgeous blue sky. But the result was not really good… When I applied the monochrome treatment, I understood instantly why the picture was stronger without Read More

The Sinatra Club, by Sal Polisi (Cover).

I am proud to share with you one of my latest book cover. 😀 Here is the hardcover original edition of “The Sinatra Club: My Life Inside the New York Mafia”, by Sal Polisi. 🙂 You can find it, in particular here, on     To celebrate, I invite you in this hushed atmosphere, Read More

The rain beauty

Last sunday, I decided to organize my first “creative walk” of the year, with digital and polaroid shooting, and watercolor painting on location. 😀 The sky was, in fact, really whimsical. I cursed the overcast sky, suffered a few drops of rain, admired a wonderful blue sky with plump cumulonimbus clouds, captured the winterly landscape Read More

Small cameras, for great photographers :)

Try to imagine a great photographer, shooting in Paris or New York. What do you see? How is him? I ask the question because, even me, I am imagining him with a big DSRL and a great telephoto lens… 🙄 That’s not a surprise, because we imagine these great photographers as we see the majority Read More


These days, rain seems to be the only weather we can have. The sky is crying crying crying without being able to stop!…   But I wanted, for this picture, a brighter mood, with light and freshness, so I choose, during the photo editing, not a dull and dark look but, using light and contrast, Read More

My creative gallery, on Instagram

A few months ago, I decided I would like to share, not only my photographical creativity, but also my other creative activities : sketching, watercolor painting, decorating, upcycling and, for time to time, creative cooking, calligraphy, origami, collage, wire creating etc. Therefore, I created an Instagram account.       Feel free to visit my Read More

From Michelangelo to E.T, to Steve Jobs.

From time to time, I am wondering how to value and explore our daily modernity. We often try to exclude cars, screens and gears to our pictures, isn’t it? Have you ever shot your microwave or your vacuum cleaner?! I think it is really interesting, however, to show our society as it is, with the Read More

The Lumix GM1 review (micro 4/3 hybrid)

I am no longer using a DSRL camera for several years ago now. 🙂   First, an expert compact camera makes me leaves my heavy DSLR in the cupboard. And for almost 3 years ago now, I am in love with these small but so powerful camera that we call hybrid. My Lumix GF1 was Read More

Heroic Fantasy atmosphere

I wish you a really bright week end with this picture, taken yesterday and made of mist, light and nature. If, when your mind will by lost in the photo, you meet a druid, thank you to wish him a great week end from me, too! 😉   Read More

Snowy atmosphere, in homage to Saul Leiter

Don’t you think my previous pictures in homage to Saul Leiter were way too sunny and their umbrella missing unbearable?!! Here is a “week end mood” with a lot of snow and a beautiful and scarlet umbrella to please, I guess, all the Saul Leiter fans. 🙂 I really hope we will have snow in Read More

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