Flamenco Guitar

Just some rather abstract photos of a mesmerizing subject… 😛     I called this article “Flamenco guitar” because of the “strings” and the warm shades too… 😀 I think this pics are somewhat musical… Don’t you think?!     I shots these pictures with my small GM1 and my Olympus 45 – 90 mm Read More

Last drink before the back-to-school time… :)

Would you like to share with me a bear in front of a lovely seascape? 😉 Il could help us to get over the back-to-school (and work) days. 😀 I couldn’t resist to shoot these yellow bears in front of the cool sea !…     I have to admit that the shifted focus was Read More

Life is a garden…

Connection Camouflage outfit Among the hollyhooks Frozen moment     Chameleon f/1.8 The magical shawl Wrinkled petal Life is a garden   We might write a haiku with somme of these poetic expressions!… 🙂 Read More

The three pets ;)

To keep going during the “holidays” (even if not for me ! 😉 ), I would like to share with you this cute pic. 🙂 It seems that I might start a little portfolio about dogs in cars !! 😛   Random word, as usual… Tan Happy to see me! Contrast The three pets Wide Read More


Hi! It seems that the blog already has a holiday feeling but, don’t be fooled ! 😉 If I have few time to share pics with you and talk about it, that’s because I am working very hard on my upcoming book. 😀 It will probably be available in October or November, in French. I Read More

The windows of memories

Here is the other “from the back” picture from last week I wanted to show you. I shot it the same day as the other one but the atmosphere is pretty different!   Here, the sunlight and the reflection give a lot more contrast to the scene. Plus, the scenery in not shown the normal Read More

The dreaming child…

This week end, I shot some people looking through windows… I love the dreamy feeling of these pics with someone seen from the back. There is the inside, the place where we are, the outside view, and then the inside of the character we chose to share a story. 😀 Which story is this picture Read More

Black and white squares, from the last weeks

I really love the square format. It’s probably my favorite, even if I like to choose the accurate depending on the scene, the subject. 😀 NB : There are a lot of squared pics illustrating my article about “How to be and stay inspired”, if you want to peek. 😉   I would like to Read More

Under a pink cloud

In our little urban theater, I picked some flowery sceneries with, at times, a few graffitis, at times a pharmacy sign, at times a trash container… I found, with this subjects, the mix I like so much of mundane things and visuel poetry.     The actors had been perfect for their part!     Read More

The despot

Here is a quite humorous picture (on a grayish sky background) to cheer you up if you have, like us in France, a sad grey strange weather.     Humor is not always easy for Photography so, when the situation seems to be adequate, let’s have drive!   In my opinion, there are many things Read More

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