The Mystery of Marie Rogêt…

As a close to the week, I invite you in a mysterious photographic thriller…     Do you like it?! 😀 Obviously, it is not a digital fake but a reflection in a shop window. 🙂   See you soon! Read More

Ripples of color

Recently, at the funfair, I followed two different photographic approaches. I already showed you the first one : a classic approach using light, colors and blur to create great pictures of people at the carnival, fighting against the winter cold, buying treats, spending a good time with the family… The second approach is more about Read More

The magic of the funfair

I have always liked electric lights. I love the contrast between a strong light in the night, and the darkness that remains a few feet away…   However, I admit that I have often been disappointed when I forced myself (I am soooo a cocooning person !! 😆 ) to go out in the cold Read More

Shooting in the fog

  A great shooting opportunity during winter Fog is a really good occasion to, I could almost say “easily”, create great pictures during winter. These soft fuzzy glommy atmospheres will invite you in a sort of mysterious movie or thriller!!         Faded pictures with a soften contrast At the first look, the Read More

Take part in the ALJPHOTO collaborative project!

I had the idea in my mind since so many months… or years?! The idea is : to create an interaction between my followers, my readers, a place where we could chat together about photo, make progress together, share our photos and so many other things! Wouldn’t it be wonderful?! 🙂 I always let this Read More

The intangible tree

I am currently working on a big article but I won’t be able to share it with you for now because : – It is really big and not yet finished… It’s a lot of work!… – There is a photographical conspiration 😀 currently on Facebook that will lead to a great surprise, announced here Read More

My pics on Instagram :)

I started to use Instagram a year ago to share my sketches and watercolor paintings and I admit that I really love this community. So, I decided to use it, too, to share my pictures, of course. 🙂 I really love that the goal, on Instagram, is not to stay with your friends and acquaintances, Read More

After Ronsard…

Pierre de Ronsard is a French poet of the 16th century who wrote several really known poems, included one saying “Live now, believe me wait not till tomorrow; gather the roses of life today”. This is not a rose, it’s a leptospermum flower, from my garden, but I think this is my rose for today. Read More

Abstraction… Or illusion?!…

Yesterday night, I found an unexpected subject to shoot… Disclaimer : Please note that some of these abstract pictures can hurt some people feelings, depending on their imagination.   😉   I was wandering and, suddenly, I saw something and just thought : Oh, it’s pretty! It’s really interesting!… Yet, it was not really “something”. Read More

Urban colors

Let’s share some colorful urban atmospheres to cheer us up! 🙂 It’s not really a diptych, just two pictures showed side by side.   What do you think of this comtemporary Prince Charming (long hairs, intense look…), bringing flowers to his ladylove? (That’s a rebellious Prince Charming, as he doesn’t follow the arrow sign! 😉 Read More

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