Je suis Charlie…

Following the terrorist attack, in Paris, a few days ago, in the Charlie Hebdo building (a committed newspaper know especially for its satirical cartoons) and the death of 12 persons, I want to add my little own creation to support and talk about freedom… This little newspaper origami bird flying in front of my window Read More

A matter of interpretation

BTW, did you notice the pigeon?! 😆 😉     I am here again with my “couple and statue and planes and passer-by and pigeon picture” 😉 to talk about interpretation as for photo editing. Indeed, the rendering of the picture I showed you previously is not the only one possible, of course.   And, Read More

Happy new year!!

I wish you a happy new year, with a lot of amazing pictures! 😀     See you soon for a new year of photography! 😉 Anne-Laure Read More

Christmas gestures…

This year, I didn’t have time, yet, for festive pictures. But I intend to catch up during Christmas of course! 😉 I was thrilled, however, to explore my photo bank, looking at Christmas photos from the past years, in order to share some of them with you!   I decided, for this article, to target Read More

Vegetable oyster

Yesterday morning, I shot, in my garden, this vegetable oyster. 🙂     When shooting, I just loved these water drops on nasturtium leaves and especially the big one. But when I uploaded my pics and looked at it, is seemed obvious to me that this photo could evoke an oyster. 😉 Is the analogy Read More

Creating meaning with diptychs and other multiple photo layouts

Following my previous article, “Simplification… to what extent ?”, I would like to talk about a really great way to use simple pictures and to give them more impact. I mean… diptychs and multiple photo layouts, of course!   A minimalist picture. Do you remember my previous minimalist picture with stones? Through this article, working Read More


As I couldn’t find time, finally, to work on the rest of my photographic story with a minimalist picture of stones for now, I just want to share this diptych with you, for the week end and perhaps the beginning of next week. 🙂     Because fall is still here, with its amazing colors, Read More

Simplification… To what extent?

I was wandering, a few days ago, in a little town, searching for the perfect subject… The light was flat, I was cold and even a bit depressed, I admit. Thus, I was happy when I found this red graffiti on the wall. A bit of love and color doesn’t hurt, isn’t it?! 😉 Unfortunately, Read More

Selfie at the museum

First, I noticed there was some glass balustrades in this museum : things could reflect in it and things could be seen through it. Interesting, isn’t it?! 🙂 I noted, too, that the passers-by walking in front of the outdoors windows produced great silhouettes.     I tried various vantage points and finally decided that Read More


When my “color radar” is ON, I can’t stop it anymore! And it becomes so stronger that I am then capable of controlling the reality with my mind. 😆 😉     It is so much fun to go “hunting color” in the city. You can really find incredible matches. 🙂 Read More

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