Daydreaming along the canal

These days, I need simplicity, and authenticity. So, I decided to share with you this picture of a mundane subject, pretty but so simple! Let’s just enjoy the mood, the daydreaming, the texture and the colors. 🙂 To go with it, here are only a few evocative words. Feel free to add yours if you Read More

Variations on the same theme (Composition)

Did you see my “3 settings challenge”? I had many answers on the French article but only two, for now, on the English one! Thank you so much, Kelly ans Nancy, for sharing your 3 settings choice ! 🙂 I shared my own 3 choices too, in the comments.   Let’s talk about the subject Read More

Collaborative article : The camera settings challenge.

A few months ago, I set up, here on the blog, a sort of survey, asking which software my readers use to edit their photos. I thought it was very interesting to read all these answers and it gave me an idea. 😉   Introducing the collaborative articles ! The idea consists in asking you Read More

Two men in a boat… in a frame in a frame. :)

Taking a picture like this one is, at once, difficult and fun. 🙂 Indeed, don’t think that the canoe, here, was rather still! These thin boats glide really quickly on the water ! 😮 So, the idea was the classic frame in a frame effect (we already talked about it in one of the articles Read More

Enhance the contrast with PicMonkey (Photo editing video)

I am really happy to introduce, today, my new Youtube video about photo editing. 🙂 In this video, I am editing a tunnel photo in the really simple but great photo editing web software : PicMonkey.   My photo editing Youtube video Here is the video. I really hope that you will find it interesting Read More

Underground vanishing points

I admit that playing with the perspective, the vanishing points, the diagonal lines and the dynamic compositions in one of my – numerous 😆 – weakness. It is so fun to try to give depth to our pictures, using lines as a guide for the eye, and to enhance the strength of the vanishing point, Read More

French river patrol (humorous diptych)

I am wondering if you will think this diptych is rather funny… 😉   In fact, I took these two pictures within 17 seconds, the 14 Juillet, during the French national holiday, in Paris. I was watching the planes squadrons flying on the top of the Seine and I was shooting a bit when I Read More

Mary Poppins. Following your cropping proposals. :)

Some french readers asked some information about the framing of my Mary Poppins photo, and made some interesting proposals of cropping. What a good opportunity to talk about framing and cropping! I think it is a very interesting subject. 🙂   First, I choose to share this photo with its original framing, horizontal, to keep Read More

Apprentice Mary Poppins

A great amount of poetry, in life, is always important but, with these a bit sad end of summer and rainy weather (at least in France…), it is even more indispensable! Luckily, I am back!! 😆 😉 So, I am happy to offer you this lovely photographic cocktail [poetry + rain]. 🙂     Doesn’t Read More

Close-up filters. For cheap but qualitative macrophotography!

Once again, I try to do my best with english and hope to submit a better content than a google translation one 😆 but thank you in advance for your indulgence.   Today, I want to talk to you about my macro photographical gear. Small, cheap and powerful. I love it! They are close-up filters. Read More

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