Time to step out of the shadows! ;)

Hello everyone! How are you? 🙂 I hope you spent a good time, this summer.   From my part, after 3 books, plus one new edition and 2 photographic booklets, after 2 years and a half of Photodiary with a photo a day during all this time (even on sunday, even during vacation!…), after soooo Read More

Holiday atmosphere

Taking time to notice a gorgeous light or to daydream in the garden, seeking an interesting scenery… Granting oneself a good time to shot a fascinating reflection or to loose oneself in the fields… That’s all we need to feel holidays, isn’t it? 😀         From now, articles on the website are Read More


To cool you during summer days, I want to share these underwater pictures. 🙂 Chiaroscuro, beams of light, water textures, mysterious sea creatures… I really like theses atmospheres, between dream and reality! These are wide angle photos, taken at 14 -> 28 mm.       Of course, these pictures were took in a museum Read More

Youtube video about photo editing : The intention

Here is my firt video about photo editing! 😀 On this 4mn video, I speak in French but I added English subtitles to help you to understand what I am doing on the picture. 🙂 I hope you will like it! If so, spread the world!!!!! 😀 😉       Read More

Family photos :)

Doing family portraits has always been a little problem for me. I always fear to produce only very reportage pictures : boring views with busy backgrounds, and passport photos… 🙄       Shooting our friends and family is a little bit easier when there are childs as subjects, but creating gorgeous family pictures with Read More

My photo editing book, now in the bookstores and on Amazon!

At last!! 😮 My upcoming book, “Retouchez vos photos pas à pas”, is now on the shelves of all the good Francophone bookstores! What a relief! What a joy! 😀 Unfortunately, the book is not available in English (I would like to add “yet”! 😉 ) but you can find informations about it, in these Read More

Preview of my upcoming book, about photo editing

Here it is! Yeah! I have just received my first copy of my upcoming book “Retouchez vos photo pas à pas” ! Isn’t it handsome?! 😆   Here is a family photo of all of my books. 🙂   I am so happy to see this big project become, at last, something tangible!     Read More


Animals and pets are wonderful, attractive and common subjects. However, it’s not always easy to enjoy their potential within strong, esthetic and original pictures. I hope these photos will inspire you! I played with angles, “shooting through” and blur to give depth (in every sense of the word) to my photos. Black and white rendering Read More

Book creating: Structure and table of contents

Then, we found a genius idea (read this previous article!). What else ?! After this first step, you need to precise things and, for example, write the contents list of the book. What is at stakes ? Organize, of course! 😉 NB : Sorry for the pictures and captures in French…   A book is Read More

Book creating: getting an idea!

These weeks, I am going to share with you the “how to” of my books about photography. Do you want to peek behind the scenes?!   I don’t know how other artists, authors, editors work so it is only my own way to create and my way to work with my editor. I hope you Read More

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