Family photos :)

Doing family portraits has always been a little problem for me.
I always fear to produce only very reportage pictures : boring views with busy backgrounds, and passport photos… 🙄






Shooting our friends and family is a little bit easier when there are childs as subjects, but creating gorgeous family pictures with adults is a real challenge, in my opinion. Thus, I want to improve my skills to make amazing shots of people and especially of my friends and family because it is important for me. 🙂






I used, here, a few of my tricks to make rather artistic photos of my family :

[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”] Outdoor shooting, for a better light and less busy backgrounds ;

[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”] Targeted framing (90mm) to clearly share which detail interested me in the subject ;






[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”] Shallow depth of field (f/1.8) to produce blurry foreground and background, to create softer pictures and to play with focus ;

[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”] Reflections shooting, for dreamy atmospheres and more depth in my photos ;






[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”] Enhancement of gestures, postures and faces to give more human quality to my pictures. Anonymous photos are at the same time an artistic choice (for universality of pics) and a way to guaranty the right of some of my models to decide not to be shot in a recognizable way.

[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”] Cross processing and reduction of the saturation, for a dreamy and original rendering, but not the classic black and white editing.






And you, are you able to shoot familiy portrait as you want to? Even with adults?! 😉
Do my photos inspire you to do it?
Could you share some of your tips to create nice family photos but not boring, busy and ugly ones? 😀

For further inspiration, feel free to look at Stéphane Grasset work. These are black and white contrasty pictures of his children, in the Alain Laboile style, another really talented french photographer. 🙂 I am really proud because Stéphane Grasset is one of my readers and I looove seeing such great pictures of my readers!! 😀

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