The first crocus flower…

Wrapped into its frosty dewy coat, a crocus flower waits a beam of light to open its first petal an announce the upcoming spring… 🙂




Picture taken with my mirrorless hybrid (micro four third), the Lumix GM1.
Focal length : 20mm -> 40mm.
Close-up filters : +7. (Feel free to read my article about close-up filters here)
Aperture f/1.7
As often for macrophotography, I chose the manual focus and set the lens at the minimum focus distance. Then, I used my own motion, slightly swinging back and forth, to put the subject in the plane of focus.

I searched for a vantage point allowing the flower to stand out in front of an enough blurry and lovely background.
I then chose to shift my key element to the lower left corner, as it was directed toward the upper right. In this way, the flower “is looking at” the inside of the frame. 🙂

The morning light was bluish so I emphasized this color balance during post processing, as the same time as constrating and brightening the picture. Isn’t this teal color gorgeous?! 🙂


Hold on!… Spring is coming!! 😀

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