Flamenco Guitar

Just some rather abstract photos of a mesmerizing subject… 😛




I called this article “Flamenco guitar” because of the “strings” and the warm shades too… 😀
I think this pics are somewhat musical… Don’t you think?!




I shots these pictures with my small GM1 and my Olympus 45 – 90 mm lens (+ a close-up filter).

I chose a wide aperture, of course, and I tried to maximize the depth of fields blur by coming closer to my subject (I even used a close-up filter for that purpose).




To create some good creative shots, I shot the spider web at an angle and sometimes let the spider become a bit or even completely blurry (it’s on the 2nd picture, glowing…).

I also tried to set my focus plane between blurry things, in the background but also in the foreground.
That’s a “sandwich of blur” !! 😛


I think that glowing spider webs are becoming one of my favorite subjects. I like to let me catch in their webs. 😉
Here are some colder shots of the same subject, made one year ago. 😀



I am working really hard on my upcoming book, a photographic book for children !
Feel free to visit the French side of the blog to have a glance on it. 😉

Even if the book won’t be available in English (for now, in any case), I envision to make a special article for you to share with you my approach for this project.
As soon as I have a bit of time, I will do it!

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