For the summer to last a bit longer… :)



Here are a few pics fun of sun and fresh air…
Hopefully, they will help the summer to stay for a while! 😊



It rocks, isn’t it?! 😃






















Back-lighting in one of my favorite tricks, if possible with this beam creating, due to the overlapping between the subject and the light source!!

Here, the low-angle vue was a good idea too.
It was not on purpose, I was just sitting on the ground and this happened!! 😆😉




I watched really carefully the dancing of the paras, trying to shoot just at the right time. 😙




The model is my father.
It was just a spontaneous summer shooting, when walking with my family. 😊




If you are visiting my website, maybe coming from the Rooky Nook website 😃 please say hi in the comments!

It’s difficult for me to write my articles in French and in English but if I know you are here, craving 😁😜 for some articles and advices for adults too 😉 I will do my best to do it.



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