From Michelangelo to E.T, to Steve Jobs.

From time to time, I am wondering how to value and explore our daily modernity.

We often try to exclude cars, screens and gears to our pictures, isn’t it?
Have you ever shot your microwave or your vacuum cleaner?!

I think it is really interesting, however, to show our society as it is, with the objects that convey the technological progress.


Last week end, during a random shooting, I start to create pictures of these fingers on a touchpad, with an electric and colorful light… and that’s it!
I was expressing modernity, but so other things at the same time, don’t you think?…




First, it’s true that the pictures convey our new habits with touch screens. But I see so much other things in these photos!
This blue light glowing from the screen… could it lead us towards a new world?! Not in the Matrix one, cause it would be rather greenish, but perhaps a geeky outer space?! 😆

And… don’t you think that the finger seems to link these two worlds, “through the looking glass”, like Alice did?!
Reflection in the pad screen reinforce this idea.

Moreover, there is this strong and bright light on the finger tip… Does it comes from the finger or from the screen?
I am sure that it’s rather produced by the connection between these two worlds… 😉 How don’t think to the Spielberg’s alien E.T. looking at these pictures?


Finally, these photographs with a finger in the screen and another out of it express amazingly well, I think, our daily technological world.
How lucky are we to be able to “keep in touch” with our close friends and family members, using these amazing screens!! 😀

What a wonderful thing to connect, also, with some wonderful people, far away, that we don’t even know in the real life ! This time, I am thinking of the Michelangelo painting…






Do you think my imagination is way too crazy?! 😉

I am personally sure that our culture references influence a lot our way to see and understand pictures, even without being conscious of it.

And you, which stories are these pictures telling you?!



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