Holiday atmosphere

Taking time to notice a gorgeous light or to daydream in the garden, seeking an interesting scenery… Granting oneself a good time to shot a fascinating reflection or to loose oneself in the fields… That’s all we need to feel holidays, isn’t it? 😀







From now, articles on the website are going to become even more scarce.
I hope it won’t bother you but I think I need to take a break in order to get fresh ideas. 🙂




I won’t forget you, however, during the upcoming weeks, as summertime is a wonderful time to create photos with gorgeous and peaceful atmospheres (like the ones I am sharing with you today). So I will work at my future articles and upcoming books, for you, during these two months!




I think I will make a few brief appearances during the summer to show you some new photos but not to talk a lot. 😉
Good luck for those of you that can’t take a break for now.
For others, have a good holiday, and see you soon!




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