The intangible tree

I am currently working on a big article but I won’t be able to share it with you for now because :

– It is really big and not yet finished… It’s a lot of work!…
– There is a photographical conspiration 😀 currently on Facebook that will lead to a great surprise, announced here on the website tomorrow or next Friday. I am spending a lot of time on it and don’t make progress on my article!…


As I don’t want to let you down for this week, I am sharing with your this diptych showing a tree growing in the 4th dimension. 🙂

I love how the shadows of the branches could evoke roots and vice versa, and how the non tangible part of the pictures (the shadows, only made of light) is the real subject. 😀




I like, too, that the shadows of the tree seem to extent in the other picture, invading it.

Take care and stay tuned!! Big news here tomorrow or on Friday. 😉

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