Last drink before the back-to-school time… :)

Would you like to share with me a bear in front of a lovely seascape? 😉
Il could help us to get over the back-to-school (and work) days. 😀

I couldn’t resist to shoot these yellow bears in front of the cool sea !…




I have to admit that the shifted focus was my camera idea. 😉

It’s important for me to tell it because way too many photographers have a rejection reaction regarding to photographic events that sometimes happen and don’t match their first idea.
In my opinion, it is always interesting to be open to opportunities and creative ideas, whether they are ours or some offered by things happening or camera trantrums! 😉

That doesn’t mean I am showing you a fail shot I happened to like later, of course!!

On the contrary, while I was shooting this couple drinking a bear near the sea, my hybrid camera suddenly focussed on the background. I straight away thought : “Yesssss, of course! Why didn’t I think of this myself?! What a great idea!!”. I then kept going with this out of focus approach, composing with the little silhouette in the background to create this pic.


The two framing choices – horizontal et vertical – were good…

An horizontal framing emphasizes the seascape (the couple becomes a foreground and is not the subject anymore) whereas the vertical one is targetted on the blurry subject and let us enjoy a frame in a frame effect. It makes the seascape become a sort of hanged to the wall picture… We can almost imagine the couple, back at home, remembering its summertime memories…


Have a good week and back to school time ! 😉

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