The magic of the funfair

I have always liked electric lights.
I love the contrast between a strong light in the night, and the darkness that remains a few feet away…


However, I admit that I have often been disappointed when I forced myself (I am soooo a cocooning person !! 😆 ) to go out in the cold of the night, thinking I would easily find gorgeous colorful lights and neon signs, or golden and mysterious atmosphere!

I imagine you have to be in a great big town during christmas to be able to enjoy these type of scenery!!! 😉




But, believe me, funfair will never disappoint you.
Especially at night.
And especially with a rainy weather if you, like me, are rather fond of playing with reflections in puddles (more about that in a few days so stay tuned!).






Carnival will offer you colors, lights, people and a strange timeless atmosphere to enhance the others things.
Who don’t love that?! 🙂






Then, when I saw this funfair, in the evening, the other day, I didn’t hesitate!
It was late, I was really tired but I almost jumped out of the car to go shooting there!!! 😀





I like that there is, in this photos, the magic of lights and colors but also the coldness of winter.
In this way, the pic are real, and have a more complex meaning.

This little photographic portfolio confers the idea that people can seek a bit of warmness for the eyes, the body and the heart, in the middle of the night and in the middle of winter, thanks to these magical carnivals. 🙂




I hope that it will give you the idea to warm yourself to it, too and, on top of that, to warm you camera too! 😉

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