Matching colors

It seems that, a few weeks ago, I have activated my “color radar”, even if I didn’t mean to do it! 😆




Thus, as I had shot some very simple pictures with gorgeous colors, I decided to associate it two by two, in order to create fun diptychs.
The idea? Put together two pictures of subjects that doesn’t usually work together but with matching colors.

I think it is especially interesting and funny to put together urban scenes or textures, and natural shapes and colors! 😉




Isn’t it?! 🙂




I hope that you will like this idea and that the pictures will please your eyes! 🙂

I didn’t really think of this diptychs idea when I took the photos but now that I have it, I am sure I will have a lot of inspiration for shooting, during the next days, the colors in my surroundings! 😀




If you are interested to shot this kind of colorful pictures (with the idea either to keep them alone or to create diptychs or other photo collages, here are a few advices :

– Keep only in the frame the colorful subjects.
– Cut in the color! Don’t show any background, don’t show your subject (or group of subjects) edges. Frame in the color.
– Kill perspective ! Shoot mostly front views of your subjects in order to flatten them and to turn them into colorful artworks.
– If you decide to put several photos together, don’t associate similar subjects! Put an architectural view with a natural detail, and an urban texture with a dried leaves shot. Go wild!!

It’s up to you! 😉







Have fun!

I am not at home this week because of the Salon de la Photo, in Paris.
If you are interested to meet me in Paris this week, please visit the French website to get all the useful information about it. I shared, too, informations about it, in English, in this article.

Otherwise, see you next week! 🙂

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