Natural yin yang

I shot many pics during the last days and, to be honest, I didn’t even have time to look at all of it for now.
Though, I kept in my mind this picture of a hawrthorn tree in full bloom and I thought I should show it to you. 🙂


Once again, this photo is very simple (I love zen pics!) and rather complex at the same time (I love strong structures and well thought compositions). I feel it is somewhat special because I am not sure it looks like another photo I already made.

The pic is graphical like some on my urban compositions but shows a natural messy subject and it’s probably where its originality comes from.




The entire picture shows the same subject.
The background makes all the difference.

On a dark background, the white backlit flowers show up, whereas on the light background of the sky, the flowers vanish to let us see the calligraphic lines of the branches.

It creates a really great – in my opinion – yin yang effect (white on black and black on white). 🙂
I sometimes call it a negative effect, too.

I chose an uncommon symmetrical composition (with horizonal axis) to reinforce this effect and placed the areas where the branch split at the limit between the two different backgrounds.



An horizontal version of the picture like the featured image of my article (showed again below) is even more abstract.
Excluding the big curved branch of the frame focuses the composition on the thin straight branch linking the two parts of the photo.

I might be a bit silly but this makes me think about “The creation of Adam”, from Michelangelo (the well-known painting with God and a human being extending their arms toward each other). 😉





Here is another pic from my archives, urban this time, structured with a negative composition.

I liked how the houses gables were similar with one black and one white.
There is a negative effect (black subject / white subject with a symmetrical composition) but not really a yin yang structure, as the color of the background (the sky) doesn’t change between the left part of the picture and the right one. 🙂




Will these photos inspire you some symetrical compositions ?! 😉

Have a good week ! 😀

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