Over the rainbow

I admit that i never realized, before this shooting, that this subject could be so colorful!…

Isn’t it mesmerizing?! 😀




In these particular pictures, I follow a rather abstract approach. I play with lines, light and colors.
The subject is only a tool to help me realize these “paintings”. 🙂




Did you immediately recognize a spider web or not? 🙂

I often shot this subject when water drops were on the webs and with a black and white editing.
Here, with a special backlighting, I guess, the web was glowing with iridescent colors… It really was fascinating!


The two photos I just showed you are crop views of this entire photo. 🙂




Have a wonderful week end and don’t forget to look at autumn leaves, reflections in the water or spider webs! 😀
Nature is so beautiful…

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