A quarter second panning shots (slow shutter speed)

I worked on administrative stuff this week and… and it seems that I didn’t realized how late it is!!…
Is it possible that it’s already friday?! 😮
Paperwork and accounting are a lot of tedious long work…

So, sorry for being late!
I had to stop by over here to show you some pictures shot this week! 🙂


The aljphoto project theme, for this week, was “A quarter second shots” and it was a lot of fun!!

My favorite way to use slow shutter speed is making panning shots (it means “moving with the subject during the shot”) so here is some pictures shot this week, in which I have fun playing with motion blur on various subjects. 🙂

And you know what?! I didn’t resist to go back to the funfair for another shooting, with a long shutter speed approach, this time ! 😀




I know that it can be a surprise but my favorite panning shots are not the really clean ones with a perfectly sharp subject on an almost boring background with an even linear blur (I especially think of cars and motorbike perfect panning shots).

My favorite effects are, indeed, the perfectly imperfect ones. 😉
If the subject is moving with an irregular motion or if you are not far from your subject with a telephoto lens, your panning shots can’t be perfect. Some areas of the subject can be sharp if the panning shot is successful but other parts of it will be more or less blurry. Same thing for the background : its blur won’t be even but rather differentiated.

In my opinion, the result will be more creative and you know that’s the kind of photography I am fond of! 🙂

So, as merry-go-rounds move with a circular motion (a bit more regularly than the ducks of the fair but not so much 😆 ), the motion blur created is somewhat a psychedelic blur. The kind that I love. 😛




So, even when I shoot a moving car, I use a wide angle and shot simply in the street (and not in a circuit) to enjoy strange effects, like the ones, below, with the car wheels and headlights, and the face poping up on the picture!




With the street atmosphere, in the night, you can almost believe you just passed the car of “The Flash”, “the fastest man alive” !!! 😆




On a passer-by, a panning shot can be really interesting too, if you use an enough slow shutter speed (as the subject is certainly not the fastest man alive 😉 ).

Usually, I try to follow the body of the person but, below, as I liked the bright pink shoes, I followed one of the feet. The other feet create a strange blurry bright streak!
I like the rainy atmosphere and the beautiful background, too…

Did you realized that, with a panning shot, you will never be annoyed by the crappy background behind your awesome subject?! 😀




As I said, all these pictures were taken at the same shutter speed of a quarter second.
It is really interesting to notice that the motion blur can create various effects, at a same shutter speed, depending on the speed of the subject, the type of motion and how the surroundings are (with electric lights or not, for example)!

It is really fascinating.


Don’t you mind if I share a final pic of the carnival attraction?!

This cute boy seems to love riding its locomotive! 🙂




So, when photography seems a bit boring to you, especially when the light is dull or when the background is annoying… consider using motion blur to console yourself that light is scarse during winter and to awaken your bad season photos!

Pics taken, as usual, with my little mirroless hybrid (micro four thirds camera), the Lumix GM1.

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