French river patrol (humorous diptych)

I am wondering if you will think this diptych is rather funny… 😉


In fact, I took these two pictures within 17 seconds, the 14 Juillet, during the French national holiday, in Paris.

I was watching the planes squadrons flying on the top of the Seine and I was shooting a bit when I suddenly saw these 3 ducks on the river! They seemed to be a river patrol, recalling the air one. 😆




For sure, these two pictures are not masterpieces and the real exploit would have been to catch the two subjects in the same image… Unfortunately, I far from sure it could have been possible…

Do you like it, however? Do this diptych make you smile? 🙂

I think humor is a really difficult discipline, especially in photography.


Have you ever tried to shoot humorous photos?
Do you have some tricks to produce pictures that make us smile (other than shooting people funny faces or pets tomfooleries)? 😉

I made another humorous photo during the summer and I will show you soon.
Humor could be an interested subject to talk about.

Would you be intested to read a few articles about humor through photography? 🙂


From now on, you will find some articles suggestions at the end of the post, just here, below.
In this case, here are other articles about photo collages and diptychs.

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