My book, available IN ENGLISH !!!!!! :D

I am so, so SO happy today to announce that one of my book has been translated in English and is now available for all of you too! 😘

People, in France, say that my approach to photography is really special, way more easy to understand, enjoyable to follow, relaxed and fun that what you can find otherwise. 😳☺️ That’s why I am so excited that you will be able to enjoy it too, if you like!!

Plus, this book may be the most fun I designed and wrote, because it’s meant for children! 😊 However, I know A LOT of French passionate photographers who bought it for themselves (or stole it from their children!!!! 😱😂). So, even if you don’t have any kid, wait, maybe you could be interested in it nevertheless (more about that later). 😉


Photo adventures for kids!! 👦🏽 📷👧 🏼

This uncommon book about photography is called “Photo adventures for kids. Solving the mysteries of taking great photos”.

And the word “adventure” is not a random one, or just there like that, for marketing! 😉 Indeed, this book really lays down some challenges to its reader, offering riddles and games for a better understanding of photography and an enhanced practice, of course.

So, you will have to investigate to find some clues and gain secret weapons that will be a priceless help to improve your pics,💪✌️ and you will elaborate some useful strategies to fight great-photos enemies 😝😉 and to reach your goals!! Isn’t it SO FUN?!! 🎉 😃

I am sure you can feel how much I worked on this book to be sure it was playful enough but also, obviously, useful for its reader.
I am so proud of it! ☺️




“Sending on a mission” letter. ✉️ 🗝🔍🔦

To set the mystery and inquiry mood of the book, the best way may be for you to read the sending on a mission letter I wrote to the reader as a start for the book.




For which readers? 📖 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

The book is advised especially for 8 to 12 years old kids, BUT :
– We trust parents, grand-parents and other adults to judge if the book seems suitable for the kid or teen, whatever its age.
– The book may be read and used by younger children (it had been), especially if the parents envision to read it with them (depending on the reading level) and to do the activities together.
– I am sure that older teenagers can like the book too, especially is cute characters and fun games are not a problem for them and there is no risk that they feel the book is too childish for them (once again, it’s up to you to decide, according to the personality of the teen).


I discovered, after the French version of “Photo adventures for kids” release, that this book can become a wonderful bond between parents or grand-parents and their children or grand-children, being a unique way to share their passion for photography with them. 😊

That’s true that it is not always easy to know how to talk to children about a complex activity like photography, how to help them improving their pics and how to bring them to love taking photos! And I really felt that having this medium was a real bonus for people who wanted to share their passion with their kids or grand-children! 😃


And, about grown-up readers…. 😉
As I said, a lot of adults I know were interested by the book :
– whether it be photography lovers, as they thought this approach to photography was different / new for them, and a good way to renew their eyes and practice. Plus, a bit of fun doesn’t hurt! 😀
– or random people not at ease with photography at all, afraid by their camera, scared that they may not understand any explanation about photography. These people told me “Oh, but your book could just really be perfect for ME!”, as if I just wrote a new “Photography for dummies”. 😉 And, yes, I can assure you, pinky swear, that this book will be way more fun and useful for you that the one for dummies (not so easy that announced and not so fun) (and, by the way, we are not dummies!!).
– At last, if you are a photography organizer or if you like to attend or organize some camera club or photo club sessions, the book will probably help you to bring photography tips more easily to other people. Someone even bought it to lead some sessions with elderly people. 😊



Back cover 📚 🌈 📙 🍓 🚜

Here is the backcover of the book for you to get a good overview of the offered content.



Samples pages from “Photo adventures” 📖 🕵🏼 📷

Here are, just for you, a few pages from all over the book.
I think the page are big enough to be read? 😊

If you don’t understand it all, don’t worry, that’s because you didn’t read the book from the start so you don’t know exactly, yet, what these “coded documents” are all about or these kind of things. Be sure that all the fun approach I offer you or your kid to follow is carefully set and explained throughout the 144 pages of the book. ☺️














The book has been illustrated by the French illustrator, Thomas Tessier, and I just love how these cute characters bring a lot of life in the book.
They escort and guide the reader, they re-evaluate the approach, share their feelings about the photographical discoveries, discuss it between each other. They are so cute and fun! 😁 illustr


The “Now you frame it” game 👧 📷 🌅

In addition to the other games and riddles, the book offers a really special and entertaining activity called “Now you frame it!”.

Actually, an extension of the back cover is a cardboard frame to cut out. Then, this framed is used for some games in the book : you have to put it on a full page scene in the right way or in different ways to take up the challenge.

This is such an help for, just later, frame some pics for real with a camera (or a smartphone) during the “Picture quests”!





Table of content 😼 📖 🌻

You will find, below, the table of content of the book.

“Photo adventures for kids” is a rich book offering a lot of content about simplifying the pics, framing, making great compositions and choosing a point of vue. 😊 It will help its reader to choose a subject, to get rid of some ugly unwanted stuff, to install the subject in a good spot in the frame, will bring him or her to sometimes crop the subject for a stronger approach, to use lines as awesome tools for composition and much more! 😀

You’ll see, a lot of titles, below, are a bit mysterious, because I don’t want to give the answer before setting the investigation and submitting the riddles and games to the reader, of course! 😉





Shoot with whatever device you like! 📱 📷 🏖

There are only a few information about the camera and the settings at the beginning of the book. Then the content is only about training you eye and your framing skill and having fun taking photos and improving them without dealing with anything technical. ☺️

So, you can shoot, as the same time as your reading, with whatever camera you like (compact camera, hybrid, DSLR…) or even a smartphone.


I tried hard to illustrate the book with some striking yet simple photos of subjects that kids and adults can find in their everyday life and are likely to shoot : pets, food, objects, mundane urban environnements to enhance, people, landscape or holiday subjects and scenes.

My goal is that you or the kid think “Or, I like it and I know I can do a pic like that with my own subjects!”. That’s not the kind of book with these beautifully nauseating pictures that put you off the desire to make some!… 😅 😉




Additional information and links 📚 🖥 💵

“Photo adventures for kids” is a 144 pages book in a landscape format of 7 x 9.8 inches.
The price is $ 19.95 in the US, and CAD $ 24.95.

Here is the link for the book, on
Here it is on for my European fellows. 😉
And here it is, on the American publisher website, Rocky Nook.

NB : Even if the online bookstore offers an ebook, my advice is to buy the real book as it allow you to use the cardboard frame and to enjoy the content way more, in my opinion. 😉


Thanks to you all!! 😊

Thank you so much to Eyrolles, my French publisher, and especially my longtime fellow editor, Hélène Pouchot, who ensured that this book could exist, at the beginning.
I would like to thank you, too, my French readers who gave it life, reading and practicing with it! ☺️

And thank you so much, of course, to Rocky Nook to decide to translate the book and make it available in USA and Canada! 😃


At last, I want to thank YOU to take an interest in my book and read this long presentation! 😉 The book is so rich and there would be so much more things to say about it!… So, please ask, if you have any question.

I really hope you will want to leaf through the book in a bookstore, to buy it for you to enjoy its fresh, fun yet useful content, or to give it as a gift to your kids, grandkids, or to your friends or family members that are a bit afraid about photography but are eager to tackle it… 😉

Thank you in advance to give life to this book which means a lot to me!… in your country, and all over the world!! 😊






  • Thelma

    I found this book in an art gallery and thought it looked great. At the back it said that you had published books for adults so I took a note of your name. Unfortunately my French is only basic so I’ll have to get this one and wait for the others to be published in English.

    • Anne-Laure Jacquart

      Hi Thelma,

      Thank you so much, I am very happy that my book caught your eye, even if it was for children! 🙂

      That’s just to say that one of my books for adults is translated in Spanish, Italian, Korean and Chinese.
      Is there a chance that you speak a little of one of those langages?
      Maybe your “only basic” French could help you understand some things from the book, along with the photos?

      I hope you will like the book for children, anyway. A lot of adults like it too because it’s a simple approach for photography, without bothering with the technique of the camera. It can be a good book to improve the framing, composition and point of vue choice skills, whatever the age. 🙂 And the drawn characters are so cute!!!! 😉

      I really hope an editor will want to translate my best seller for adults soon! If you feel like too, you might send a message to Rocky Nook, telling that you found my book for children and asking if they envision to translate the one for adults? 🙂

      Happy shooting!

  • Kate Duckmanton

    Thank you for this brilliant book. I bought it at the Photography Show in March. My 7 yr old loves art and photography so I’ve just given her a ‘grown-up’ camera. The book is perfect for her and we’re really enjoying working through it together.

    • Anne-Laure Jacquart

      Hi Kate!

      Thank you so much for your comment! I am so happy that your daughter will be able to grow her passion for art a bit thanks to the book! 😀
      That’s wonderful that you can share the challenges together. Have fun with photography !! 🙂

  • Aamy Sanders

    I found this book and I thought it would be a perfect resource for me to use to teach my 4H kids. I was wondering if I would be allowed to use this book as our text? I would like to ask the students to purchase this book to be able to follow along in the group and work through the tasks at home. If they could not purchase, I would like to make copies of some pages with the task instructions. Please let me know what I am allowed to do. This book is the perfect combination of informational and fun while giving guidance to practice and advance technique. Thank you so much for writing it!!!!

  • Marion Esposito

    I just received your book here in the US and I absolutely love it! I am going to start teaching photography to kids and the ideas in the book are going to help me so much. You really laid out the book in such a fun way for kids to enjoy! I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to teach children the amazing art of photography.

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