My photo editing book, now in the bookstores and on Amazon!

At last!! 😮

My upcoming book, “Retouchez vos photos pas à pas”, is now on the shelves of all the good Francophone bookstores!
What a relief! What a joy! 😀

Unfortunately, the book is not available in English (I would like to add “yet”! 😉 ) but you can find informations about it, in these French articles, .

If you are interested to have further information about it, feel free to ask in the comments ! 🙂






“Retouchez vos photos pas à pas” is available in France, Suizerland, Québec, Belgium and so on in the book stores.

You can also find it on Amazon :
Here on
And here on 🙂

Tell me if you want to buy it and follow the screen captures and diagrams, let you inspire by its photos, and improving your skill in French as in photography! 😀

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