Enhance the contrast with PicMonkey (Photo editing video)

I am really happy to introduce, today, my new Youtube video about photo editing. 🙂

In this video, I am editing a tunnel photo in the really simple but great photo editing web software : PicMonkey.


My photo editing Youtube video

Here is the video.
I really hope that you will find it interesting and useful.

Feel free to change the video parameters (with the cog wheel) for 720p HD to get a greater image quality. 🙂



Just using the Brightness, Highlights and Shadow settings, I get a gorgeous version of a dull photo!…




White Balance

Using the white balance too, I was able to get my definitive view, with a less red and more “blue and red” atmosphere.

Here is the Before/After.
Don’t you think that it is amazing to be able to create such awesome atmospheres, just using 3 or 4 settings?! 😀





Different ways to increase the picture contrast


To enhance the contrast of a photo, you have to combine a lightening setting and a darkening setting.

Please note that depending on the exposition and the subject of your photo, you might enhance the contrast :
– increasing the Brightness (Lightening) and the Shadows (Darkening), like in the video,
– increasing the Highlights (Lightening) and the Shadows (Darkening),
– increasing the Highlights (Lightening) and lowering the Brightness (Darkening).


I hope these informations will help you to change your photos into amazing artworks!! 😀

Have a good week!

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