My pics on Instagram :)

I started to use Instagram a year ago to share my sketches and watercolor paintings and I admit that I really love this community.
So, I decided to use it, too, to share my pictures, of course. 🙂

I really love that the goal, on Instagram, is not to stay with your friends and acquaintances, but to open your cercle and your mind, meeting people of all over the world!
Isn’t it amazing to be able to communicate through pictures with other people and artists with a different language, culture and even time zone?! 😉

What an awesome opportunity !


You can, now, if you want :
– add me to your contacts (@annelaurejacquart) and follow me if you use Instagram ;
– bookmark the link of my photographic Instagram gallery and consult it in your own good time ;
– follow me on Facebook too, as I will also show my day to day pictures there.

BTW, I will wrote in English on Instagram. 😉




I love the idea to share more often my pictures with you, a bit like if I was publishing a Photodiary. 🙂

I admit I often put pressure on me regarding to the photos I show you on this website (is it good enough to my legitimacy as a photographer and photographic author?! 🙄 😉 ).

Within the framework of this project, I won’t hesitate to share my simple minimalistic compositions, my favorite photographic approaches and my everyday atmospheres.

Some unpublished work is already waiting for you. I hope you will like it! 😉


Some of these photos will, without doubt, be shared here on the website too, or in my books. Feel free to support your favorite pics with a comment or a “like” and to ask some questions about shooting, composition if you have so.
These comments will be useful, for me, for upcoming articles.


Feel free to explore, and happy week end ! 🙂

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