“Pleeeaaase! Let me driiiive!!!” ;)

This week, the grey and sad weather had a bad impact on my inspiration and photographical creating… Where is the light of last week?!! 🙁
(At least, I chose the good week to shoot my video about depth of fields blur!! 😉 )

I thought I would have nothing to show you for this week but this kind dog dreaming to drive a car saved my week! 🙂


Here is the three pics I chose from this ad hoc shooting.




In this profile pic, the dog almost seems to be driving. 😉
I like the vintage rendering of the dog through the car window.





Here, I thought the sign “Visitors” would be interested to include in the picture.
The dog is looking at us and there is a great connexion between him and us. 🙂





In this last pic, the graphical frame of the car is great for the composition (black and white lines, shapes…).
The dog seems to complain “He never let me drive!!…” 😆


I shot at the focal length 45mm -> 90mm.
For the closer shots, I chose a wide aperture f/1.8 and for the one with the “visitors” sign, I closed a bit the diaphragm at f/5.

Have a good Sunday and a good week!

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