Ripples of color

Recently, at the funfair, I followed two different photographic approaches.

I already showed you the first one : a classic approach using light, colors and blur to create great pictures of people at the carnival, fighting against the winter cold, buying treats, spending a good time with the family…

The second approach is more about the details.
I played with light, colors and shapes, almost without thinking of the subject.
Indeed, I found out that the reflections of the luminous attractions of the funfair produced some awesome effects, perfect to create colorful works with a dreamy atmosphere.







I usually chose, this time, to focus on the the water surface to get sharp watery ripples, but a focus on the reflection of the attraction itself could have been great too.

On this pic, below, I am not even sure where the focus is, but I am not sure, neither, that the photo is totally out of focus…
Is it the strong contrast that gives some sharpness to my pic?!
I rather like the result and that is what counts ! 🙂




Thus, this shooting approch allowed me to create photographic pieces of works more like abstract paintings.

The fun with abstract, as we told previously, is that our brain always want to imagine a tangible subject ! It dreams up strange or fun imaginary interpretations. 🙂

Then, as often, you can find faces looking at you evewhere!!!! 😆
Isn’t it creepy?! 😮 😉





Plus, it’s always a good moment to imagine a walk under the stars or even a trip in our galaxy!…




Can you see Saturn?! 😀


I was not even sure, at the moment, where these drops were coming from…
They were very few… A bit of rain, I suppose, and that was just what I needed for these pictures! 🙂




I am sure you die to crouch next to a pond, in the funfair, at night, to dream of a strange creature or a milky way trip!!!! 😆

I wish you a really nice week. 😉

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