Inspired by Saul Leiter : frame in a frame effects, indoor/outdoor.

This week, I am sharing with you some pictures of mine, with a little bit of Saul Leiter style, and am offering some tips to follow his lead. Feel free to view first the article with his own impressive pictures, if you want to.



Frame in a frame effects, indoor/outdoor.

First, Saul Leiter’s photographs can inspire us by their frame in a frame compositions.
He often shot from a car or another vehicle and used the foreground to lead the eye.


In these pictures of mine, colors, black areas and cars also remind, I think, Saul Leiter work.
The weather is not bad enough, however!! 😀

To create these pictures, I used wide angle lenses to frame the foreground as well as the background. I played with mirrors, car bodies, window frames etc. to frame the subject and draw the eye on it.








Following the lead of Saul Leiter…

[icon name=”fa-arrow-circle-right”] Feel free to shoot outside scenes, from inside!
[icon name=”fa-arrow-circle-right”] Take advantage of car, bus and train journeys to give depth to your pictures with an interesting foreground : mirrors, text written on the windows, curtains…
[icon name=”fa-arrow-circle-right”] Use the frame in the frame effect to create graphic pictures with really great compositions.


On your cameras!! 😉

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