Inspired by Saul Leiter : Overlaps and sense of depth

This week, I am sharing with you some pictures of mine, with a little bit of Saul Leiter style, and am offering some tips to follow his lead. Feel free to view first the article with his own impressive pictures, if you want to.


What if we could play with foreground, subject and background, even if we don’t sit in a car or look through a window?!


Overlapping planes

The idea, here, is to compose in depth, to create richer pictures, with almost a 3D effect.
Be careful of legibility, nevertheless… You will have to find the perfect angle and shoot at the right time to make incredible photos with several planes and composition in depth!



Following the lead of Saul Leiter…

Here are a few suggestions to put a bit of Saul Leiter soul in your own pictures. 🙂

[icon name=”fa-arrow-circle-right”] Don’t confine your eye to one subject, one plane! Try to consider the whole surroundings: its width AND its depth.
[icon name=”fa-arrow-circle-right”] Gather several subjects together to compose richer pictures!
[icon name=”fa-arrow-circle-right”] Move to be able to “slide shots, one to another” and find the perfect setting!


Good shootings! 😀

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