Inspiration : Saul Leiter work.

Please excuse me for my english. I hope you will appreciate to read me, even if my english is far from perfect…

A few days ago, sadly, the great photographer Saul Leiter left us alone with his wonderful pictures.
Saul Leiter has been a real pioneer of color, when all the photographers were shooting black and white pictures. He loved and used color, but never forgot contrast and composition.


This week will be a special week in homage to Saul Leiter. Today, here are some photos representative of his work.
During the rest of the week, I will present some of my own pictures which seem, modestly, to be somewhat close to his photographic work and can help you to draw one’s inspiration from this great photographer approach.





Look at these pictures… In Saul Leiter photographic work, we can often find…

[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”]Awful weathers! Rain and snow forever!…
[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”]A lot of umbrellas, if possible bright ones! And all sorts of vehicles.
[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”]Bright and warm colors (red! orange! pink!) for contrast in front of a grey and wet background.
[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”]Loads of windows, especially dripping with steam, to blur the subject.
[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”]Reflections, too, to use even more windows and to cover even better one’s track!
[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”]Subjects overlapped with others, drawing our eyes toward the main one, and giving depth of the pics.
[icon name=”icon-circle-arrow-right”]Strong lights and contrasts to place the subject under the spotlights!





Why would we wait spring when these so bad weathers can make so beautiful pictures?!





Thank you so much, Saul Leiter, for this great inspiration…


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