Seaside compositions

Shooting the ocean is not always easy. Our pictures can easily seem empty or only made of boring horizontal layers!…

In my opinion, a good trick is finding some graphical elements to anchor the composition. Various lines (vertical, oblique, curve…) can come with the horizon and other horizontal lines to enhance the picture.

In this gorgeous place, I fell in love with this curve made of posts and sand. 😉
It was just perfect to balance and galvanize the ocean flat layers!! 😀







The wood posts alone, as vertical (and numerous) items, are great, too, to create great combo vertical/horizontal lines.



And when they are not so vertical, actually, that’s really great, too !
Below, I made the line cross. 🙂



Did you realize that the cast shadow of a vertical subject is an horizontal one?! 😉
What a good observation to make : it can help us to find a subject balancing a vertical one in the picture, when the sun is here, of course!…



As you certainly noticed in my previous pictures, graphical elements are nice but little silhouettes standing out on a sandy background are priceless, too, to give more impact (and meaning plus scale reference too) to a picture.

Thus, even without curves either poles (but with a big stone or heap of i-don’t-know-what, perhaps?! 😉 ), a seaside landscape can be great if it shows interesting tiny silhouettes. Don’t forget to play close attention to the posture of the characters you want to use in your pics. Shoot at the right time ! 🙂



I really hope these pictures will inspire you for your own shooting, for now or for this summer?! I am sure this little article can be useful even for your countryside shots or others.




Have a great week and take care! 🙂

I am working very hard on my upcoming book so it is not always easy for me to share my pictures very regularly.
I am doing my best. 🙂


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